Summer of Streetcar


Summer is here and the Phase 1 streetcar project will begin construction soon. Here’s what to expect for the remainder of 2013:

1. Vehicles. The city is in the final stages of selecting one of two modern streetcar vehicles — the CAF Urbos 3 (above) and the Siemens S70 Streetcar. Both are available through option purchases with other cities currently building streetcar lines (Cincinnati and Salt Lake City, respectively). Completed vehicles could arrive for testing in as little as 18 months.

2. Utility relocation. Public and private utilities will relocate entire lines, or just their access points, away from the streetcar tracks and new overhead wire. The final design for the track location is expected soon. Utility work will likely generate the longest disruption along the route since a few spots — mostly in the River Market and Crossroads — haven’t been fully unearthed in a century. The sequence of work will be determined by the Construction Manager (a contract to be awarded in July) in collaboration with the utilities. Contractors are required to maintain access to businesses throughout this phase.

3. Main Street bridge over I-670. While not required for, or funded by, the streetcar project the city has chosen to replace the functionally obsolete Main Street bridge over I-670 before the streetcar tracks are installed. In addition to a new design, the bridge will be raised to meet the Federal Highway Administration’s required height clearances. It will be completely closed for about six weeks during construction.

4. Maintenance Facility. Once the final Columbus Park site has been selected and purchased, the city will finalize the facility design and break ground. Often referred to as the VMF, this is where Kansas City’s four modern streetcars will be stored and maintained. As with all new city structures, the maintenance facility will be certified LEED Gold or above.

The city has also applied for a $20 million federal grant. Competition is again fierce, but with local funding now secured the project is in a better spot than last year. Bonds to finance the remaining construction activities will be sold once the legal challenge to the funding district is settled (oral arguments will be heard July 16).

Phase 2 is also advancing rapidly. Seven corridors will be studied south of the river starting this month, and an extension north across the Missouri River will be jointly studied by MARC, Kansas City, and North Kansas City starting in July.


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