Downtown streetcar update


It was a big week for the Downtown Streetcar project. Here’s a brief recap:

- The City Council unanimously passed three rezoning ordinances that will make transit-oriented development easier, as well as improve the likelihood of receiving Federal funding. The biggest change involved elimination of suburban-style parking minimums in the Crossroads. To appease some property owners, the changes don’t take effect until May 1, 2013 — about the time the streetcar would start construction on the current timeline. Per Councilman Jim Glover, it’s one of the largest rezoning efforts the City has attempted.

- “Downtown Streetcar Supporter” window clings (see above) began appearing in downtown shops and restaurants.

- Two firms — Brightergy and RareWire –¬†announced plans to relocate to buildings right on the route.

- The $25 million TIGER application is in process and will be submitted on Friday, March 16.

- A public hearing for the Transportation Development District has been set for Tuesday, April 17 at the Jackson County Courthouse.

- If the judge rules the TDD can proceed, an election to form the district will be held Tuesday, June 5. A second election will be held to set the levies.

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