Light rail and climate change

Bloggers around the globe have united today for a massive online campaign to raise visibility on the issue of climate change. What does that have to do with our site? A lot, actually.

The major motivation for our use of — and advocacy for — improved public transportation is concern about the environment. Kansas City is one of the most energy-intense cities in the country, which not only takes a toll on the air we breathe, but also our bank accounts. Diesel buses and trains are great and serve their purpose as we transition, but electrified (or non-motorized) transit based on a future without dirty oil or coal is the ultimate goal.

You may not think about it when you’re driving effortlessly down our many wide-open freeways (you can’t see the damage with your own eyes, right?), but that oil you’re burning comes from somewhere and we all pay a hefty social cost to get it to you for such a low price. You are responsible for the footprint you’re leaving, like it or not, and it’s going to take more of your effort than just recycling or buying CFL bulbs.

Should you feel guilty? Well, yes. The feedback from Mother Nature is growing louder. Will you heed the call?

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  1. Samantha Thomas August 12th, 2010 1:20 pm

    it is very evident that climate change is already taking effect in this decade,:.