General Assembly, City = FAIL

The Missouri General Assembly defeated a budget amendment for KCATA emergency aid yesterday. We’re back to being a city that’s allowing fare hikes, service cuts, and layoffs. Yes, this was a choice our city leadership made without exhibiting any public interest in a back-up plan, leaving KCATA to fend for itself.

As we continue to starve the system we have it’s clear there is simply no leadership on transit in this city whether it’s for a light rail campaign or for preventing service cuts (that were 100% preventable).

Please take the time to thank Sens. Yvonne Wilson and Jolie Justus for their valiant efforts.


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  1. ron mclinden May 7th, 2009 11:31 am

    jolie tweeted last night (wednesday, 10 pm) that she’ll introduce an amendment from the floor when hb22 comes up for debate.

  2. ron mclinden May 8th, 2009 10:54 am

    effort to amend hb22 on may 7 failed, but jolie indicates there might be another way to get money. stay tuned. meanwhile, calls to mayor and council might help — ask them to put pressure on the legislature

  3. Caroline Helmkamp May 8th, 2009 2:10 pm

    There’s still a chance on the ATA. Here’s what Jolie Justus suggested at her coffee meeting Friday morning:

    Contact members of the Missouri State Senate
    Joint Committee on Capital Improvements & Lease Oversight

    Senators Representatives

    • Chuck Gross, 23rd
    • Jim Lembke, 85th

    • Gary Nodler, 32nd
    • Allen Icet, 84th

    • Luann Ridgeway, 17th
    • Brad Lager, 4th

    • Pat Dougherty, 4th
    • Amber (Holly) Boykins, 60th

    • Tim Green, 13th
    • Tim Meadows, 101st

    Sample letter:

    Dear Chairman Icet and Vice Chairman Nodler,

    I understand that your Joint Committee on Capital Improvement and Leasing Oversight has the opportunity to provide funding from the federal budget stabilization dollars for public transportation.

    I strongly urge you to provide additional dollars to the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. We, here in the Kansas City region, need additional funding for our public transportation which is experiencing severe cuts to service. I understand that the Missouri Legislature was unable to provide that funding in HB22 which passed May 7, 2009

    Since additional money is still available from these federal dollars, I sincerely hope that you will make sure that residents and voters in the Kansas City region will not see its public transport reduced because this funding was not made available to us.