URGENT: Help prevent service cuts!

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Kansas City’s bus system needs your help TODAY!

In an unexpected move last night, lawmakers passed a stimulus bill that provided $12 million for St. Louis’ transit system and ZERO dollars for Kansas City.

While we support the funding for St. Louis, Kansas City should not be left behind. Particularly, when our community has voted repeatedly to support public transit. Without this one-time funding, critical service cuts will go into effect in June.

There is still a chance to get money for Kansas City. The Senate Appropriations Committee meets at 1p.m. today.

We need your help to convince legislators to also provide funding for the Kansas City bus system.

Please use the contact information provided below to e-mail or call the key legislators considering this issue by 1p.m.. Please give them a simple, personal message based on the following important points:

* Tell them why public transit is important to you,
* Tell them it’s an outrage that Kansas City isn’t getting any money, and
* Ask them to include funding for the KCATA.

Thank you for your support.

Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA)

Legislator Contact Information

Please call and/or e-mail these three legislators TODAY!

President Pro Tem
Senator Charlie Shields
(573) 751-9476

Majority Floor Leader
Senator Kevin Engler
(573) 751-3455

Majority Caucus Whip
Senator Tom Dempsey
(573) 751-1141

Minority Caucus Secretary
Senator Yvonne Wilson
(573) 751-9758

Senator Gary Nodler, Chair
(573) 751-2306

Senator Rob Mayer, Vice-Chair
(573) 751-3859

If you have time, please also contact your own State Senator today! Click here to find your State Senator’s contact information.

Thank you!

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  1. Rollie May 6th, 2009 12:12 pm

    Thanks for posting this info. I hope it helps.