Could the state save us from the cuts?

St. Louis beats us to the punch again. Short on operating funds? Ask the state government who sits at the bottom of the list for state support of local transit. While Missouri has a shortfall like everyone else, it’s possible that money allocated from the stimulus package could free up some operating support (it would save jobs and continue getting people to jobs, after all).

City Manager Wayne Cauthen — the source of the recommendation for most of KCATA’s funding cut — should contact KC’s state delegation immediately to determine the feasibility of such a request.

Meanwhile, here’s a confirmation from our new US DOT secretary that agencies should not expect operating support directly from the feds.

UPDATE: Response from State Senator Jolie Justus… “The KCATA just made a direct request for stimulus dollars from the state. The KCATA general manager was down here today lobbying for support. I’m hoping both cities will have their requests granted.”


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