KC files brief in Chastain legal challenge

Kansas City’s attorney filed a brief today responding to the appeal of the dismissal of Clay Chastain’s challenge to the City Council’s repeal of his light rail petition initiative that passed in November 2006.

Did you follow that? Well, it’s not that important. The challenge was dismissed and the appeal will probably be dismissed, as well. Meh.

In retrospect, the Council’s outright repeal of the “unworkable” plan seems especially foolish — not for any legal reason, but simply for the fact that changing the plan with a subsequent vote would have avoided the November 2008 failure at the ballot box.

But here we are, regardless, with our smelly buses, waiting patiently for county leaders to get moving on a regional plan so Chastain can’t come back with another initiative (because, let’s face it, he will). Recent budget crunches at all levels will put the inevitable off for another year, and Kansas City will continue to evade a reputation as a serious metropolitan area.

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  1. northlander December 28th, 2008 4:04 pm

    So why no talk of Hydrogen fueled buses? After city buses change over school buses should change as well.Clean air for all,with lower fuel cost.
    Don’t think regional transit will be a hit because of the rules that are written for M.A.R.C. . Will need to take this county by county so that the money goes to good use within the county.