KC starter line opens to public May 6


We finally have an official opening date for the streetcar starter line — Friday, May 6.

A series of neighborhood events is planned along the route to encourage circulation on Friday and Saturday.

The final vehicle — #804 — is slated to arrive in late March, which will enable full service on the first day of operations.

Here’s a short list of features that will make riding the streetcar easy:

  • All rides are free. No exact change or tickets required. Walk on and walk off as much as you want. No transfer required from local buses.
  • Frequent service, daily. Weekday from 11am to 7pm a streetcar will arrive at all stops every 10 minutes. Off-peak they’ll arrive every 12 minutes (every 18 all day on Sundays). Streetcar will also run until 2am on Friday and Saturday.
  • Easy boarding. Once you’re on the platform, there are no steps to board the streetcar and there are no steps inside the vehicle. Wheelchairs, walkers, bikes, and baby strollers roll on and roll off with ease. If you’ve got wheels of any kind, use the center doors for the best experience.
  • Real-time arrival. Digital signs at every stop display your wait time in minutes until the next streetcar arrives. Two “shared” bus/streetcar stops — Union Station and Crossroads — will also display real-time arrival information for Main Street MAX.
  • Lots of connections. Streetcars will stop just steps from dozens of local bus routes and Union Station, where Amtrak trains arrive daily. Transfer from Main Street MAX to streetcar at Union Station using the same waiting area.¬†Bike share kiosks are also available nearby at 3rd and Grand, 10th & Main, and Union Station.
  • Technology. Sprint is providing free public WiFi on board the vehicles and in the corridor as part of the Smart City, which will also feature interactive kiosks at every streetcar stop.
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