Car #801 is here and testing

Streetcar #801

The first Kansas City streetcar vehicle in a generation is now plying Main Street on a regular basis for testing. It’s numbered 801 — a nod to the last vehicle order received by the Kansas City Public Service Company in 1946.

Most of those cars continued serving passengers in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Toronto after our system shut down in 1957.

Three more modern CAF Urbos vehicles will arrive — the second will arrive in early December — allowing service to start in Spring 2016.

The system will be free to ride and will be fully accessible to all, with level boarding and a 100% low-floor interior.

In the meantime, check out these great animated shorts about how to safely drive and walk near the streetcar. There’s also a great video about the insane amount of development that’s occurred since the line was approved.

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